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  • Lauren Aikins

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

First, I want to share a little background on my life that led me to becoming a personal trainer. From a young age I was a very active child. I played every sport imaginable and even played five sports at one time during a season. My parents weren’t the biggest fans of that as it meant traveling from one sport to the next and back again to where we started. I have always had an exceptional amount of energy so this was a great outlet for me. I really did this because I loved team sports and individual sports. I loved practicing and games. I loved perfecting techniques in my specific position. I loved challenging my body and working to the point of exhaustion. When I decided to focus on one sport in my high school career I chose volleyball. I was a setter which is a technical position. It was all about using my whole body in a way that would allow me to set the ball effortlessly. I had the opportunity to coach middle school teams throughout my high school years and I loved getting to share my love for the game. Teaching the girls proper technique and helping them get stronger was so much fun to me. I enjoyed making up drills to prepare girls for tournaments.

In college I gained a love for races, specifically half marathons. I have raced in many half marathons with my mom, sisters, friends and husband. Training began to look different in my life than it did when I was a kid. I also spent several summers as a backpacking guide in Colorado at a Young Life Camp. It is a very physically demanding role that entails timed running tests. Preparing for those summers physically was so much fun to me. I discovered my enjoyment of cycling through the completion of the BP MS150, a bike ride from Houston to Austin, with my church team each year after college. Running a full marathon became a goal to me in college and I successfully completed the Houston Marathon two years after college. An Ironman had been in the back of my mind for quite some time. That became the next race that I wanted to tackle. I raced in the Austin Ironman 70.3 and Ironman Texas and fell in love with triathlons. Training for and racing in triathlons is currently one of my favorite things!

Fitness has been a passion in my life from the beginning. I am passionate about helping people live healthy lifestyles and have fun working out. Inviting people to join me in that passion for fitness is one of the coolest things. God created our bodies in a way that craves exercise and being healthy. Encouraging people to embrace that truth is such a gift. Our bodies are capable of doing far more than we even realize. Challenging our bodies makes them stronger and healthier. There are so many benefits for ourselves and our families. Being able to play with our kids because we are strong enough is crucial. Staying heart healthy is important so that we can live long healthy lives with our loved ones. Sharing the need for exercise with our kids is important for their lifestyle moving forward. I also love being with people. I love hearing people’s stories and being there for them in any way that I can.

I had knowledge of correct exercise form through all of my athletic experiences. I knew there was so much more to learn though. I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer so that I was qualified and prepared to help people reach their health and fitness goals. I am constantly learning so that I can be the best personal trainer for my clients. I am always looking for ways to make it fun for people who don't view exercise as a fun part of their day. Becoming a personal trainer was a way that I believed that I could serve people through something that I love and know about. It is an incredible gift to join people in their journey to becoming healthier and stronger.

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