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In-Home Personal Training

Convenient. Motivating. Personal.

In-Home Training for the Greatest Convenience and Motivation


Lauren provides effective, in-home training eliminating the travel time of going to a gym and the expense of a membership. She helps you reach your fitness goals through one-hour sessions in the comfort of your own home. Serving the West Houston area, she brings her passion for health and fitness to every training session in your home! With a heart to get to know and encourage people in their journey, workouts will become a time in your week you look forward to. 

Contact us now for your free consultation and first workout.

New Customers Only

Thanks for letting me know you're interested in training! You'll hear back from me soon!

Private Sessions
Training sessions are 60 minutes long. The Performance Package is paid for at the beginning each month.

Pay as You Go

$80 single session


Performance Package

$75 2-3 sessions per week
$71 4+ sessions per week

Small Group Training
Personal training for groups of 2-4 friends. Save money by grouping up! Pricing is per person

Groups of Two

$55 single session

$52 2-3 sessions per week

$49 4+ sessions per week


Groups of Three or Four

$45 single session

$42 2-3 sessions per week

$40 4+ sessions per week

Couples Training
Personal training for a couple or two people in the same household. Save money and train together


$90 single session

$85 2-3 sessions per week

$80 4+ sessions per week

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