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  • Lauren Aikins

My Favorite Exercises

You probably have a list of your own favorite exercises and the ones that you enjoy the least. Some of your favorites may include exercises that are really challenging or ones that you have mastered. I have shared a few of my favorite strength exercises below!

Planks - I love the benefits this exercise has for my core, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and posture. Building core strength in this exercise also helps reduce back pain.

BOSU Crunch - Using a BOSU ball challenges you in more ways than doing exercises on the floor. Sitting on top of a BOSU ball and doing a crunch allows for more back extension range and recruits more muscles to work together to complete the exercise.

Stability Ball Crunch/Pike - These exercises are very challenging as you are trying to maintain balance while completing a repetition. You feel this one in your core a lot.

Single-Leg Mini Band Balance Reach - To complete this exercise you place a resistance band loop around your ankles, you balance on one leg and reach that leg out to the side. The balance component challenges your legs and core. When you complete at least 30 consecutive reps you really feel the burn in your glutes.

Single-Leg Proprioceptive Hops - Standing on one leg you hop in a pattern (side to side, forward and back, or with a turn). This exercise gets your heart rate up and builds great ankle strength.

Dumbbell Snatch - I love this total body exercise. It is challenging and gets your heart rate up. It pushes me beyond a comfortable point.

TRX Chest Press - I love the TRX! This tool is awesome. Any exercise using the TRX can be so challenging.

Standing Dumbbell Reverse Fly - This is a great exercise to get those back muscles to work together.

Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curl - Working your biceps is a great way to tone your arms and this exercise is an easy way to accomplish that goal!

Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension - This one burns! It’s awesome!

Wall Sit - This one is so challenging! You feel the burn with this one for sure. It feels like such a great accomplishment when you finish these. This might bring you back to your days of high school sports.

There are many other exercises that I enjoy as well! My very favorite type of exercise is cardio - running, swimming and cycling specifically. All of the strength exercises I shared are a great benefit to those cardio workouts!

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