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Personal Training in Katy, TX

​One on One Personal Training Katy


Whether you want to start exercising for the first time or you are an elite athlete, personal training can help you attain greater levels of health and fitness. One-on-one training provides the added benefits of personalized training designed to fit your goals, fitness level and preferences. Lauren will travel to your home for the ultimate convenience and motivation.

Small Group Personal Training Katy


If you love being motivated and challenged by those working out around you, invite a friend or family member to join your workouts. Small group training provides the benefits of a personalized training plan along with a workout class environment. You also have an additional person to hold you accountable in your fitness goals.

Home Workouts Katy

You can absolutely get a great workout at home without a gym membership and without big, expensive equipment! Reach your fitness goals while working out at home. Lauren provides all of the equipment you will need for weight loss, strength training, and body toning to build a healthy lifestyle. Her custom workouts will include free weights, a stability ball, bands, medicine balls, your own body weight and more to get you toned and burn those calories. You'll be surprised how effective in home personal training can be.

Free Consultation and

First Workout!

Interested in a personal trainer in Katy, TX but want to try it out first? Get to know Lauren and experience the benefits of one-on-one personal training by scheduling your free consultation and workout now!

Thanks for letting me know you're interested in training! You'll hear back from me soon!

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